Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Pea's in a pod...

I have felt a bit restless today its my third day not baking, I have been so busy with other errands and job's I have let the baking slip.
I had a bit of an eye opener day today, I went out with my daughter jade today for a couple of hours, she needed to exchange some baby clothes at the supermarket.
I took the opportunity to buy some groceries, the shop came to £36!!
This seemed such a lot of money for what I bought, I came home with heavy shoulders.
I have decided from today I am going to keep every shop receipt, I am going to break down what I spend on food, toiletries, cleaning ingredients and so on, then I am going to add it up after one week and then in one month, I need to know my pattern.
I came home and thought there is no cake for after dinner or this evening or louies pack up tomorrow, so I went out in the garden and noticed our pea's were ready, that made me smile.
I managed to pick a colander full,

Louie loved them they were so sweet, I was eating them raw out of the pod while I was picking them :)