Thursday, 16 July 2015


I have been keeping myself busy, my homemade cleaning just keeps on amazing me with every new potion I make, Louie and Milly say they are impressed with their laundry, so soft and fresh.
These are not really new potions they are what Housewife's used in time gone by. I ordered three books from Amazon (second hand) two of them came this week, I am reading Mother's Book of Home Economics, I cannot put it down in my reading time.
Mrs White the lady who wrote the book is such an inspiration, she also has a blog called "The Legacy of Home blog", please take a look and see what you think.

I love this photo of my freshly ironed tea towels :)

Today I met up with my three daughter's and my two youngest grandchildren,

Our Oscar and Eliza

These dear little babies bring me such joy, Oscar is such a happy little man and our Eliza is such a funny little girl, just look at her,
Our Jade bought Oscar to our house tonight to see his ga (granddad), while I cooked Louie tea Jade got Oscar ready for bed, he falls asleep on the way home in the car and Jade puts him to bed.
Best Wishes x