Friday, 24 July 2015

Thinking of my girl...

Yesterday when we dropped our girl off at the dropping off point at the festival the sun was shining down on the barley fields, blue skies a beautiful day.
Now I love all weathers and I feel everyday is a blessing but when I woke this morning to the
rain my first waking thought was of our girl Milly, was she cold? wet? hungry?
I had many jobs in the home today, first thing first I needed to make my homemade laundry liquid, also my eldest girl Zoe gave me my granddaughter Eva's christening dress, it still had the stains on it from her christening EIGHT years ago!!!
Zoe asked me if I can make a concoction to clean this little dress so our Eliza can wear it in a few weeks for her christening...No pressure there then :)
While this little dress is soaking I set about baking a pear cake, I bought a large bag of very ripe pears for £1 yesterday. My thoughts are still of Milly , late morning she calls me, I miss her.
She asks me what am I doing, thinking of you my little darling baking a cake, she laughs at her mama.
While cake is baking I make my parmesan cheese and chive pastry, I am making a cheese and tomato tart. I eventually make a start of sorting my books, keepers and charity shop.
The above picture is of our garden this evening, its still raining!