Monday, 27 July 2015

Food for the table...

Well our girl Milly is home, we picked her up a day early (sunday) as it rained heavy all weekend and the festival became seriously muddy, its lovely to have her back safe and sound.
I am still pulling lettuces from our raised beds, we are down to the last of our beetroot, I need to sow some more seeds weather permitting. I had a lovely surprise this afternoon, I went to pull a lettuce for tea and I just wondered if our carrots were ready, so I pulled one, it was perfect! Milly and I shared it, I just rinsed it under cold water and we enjoyed it raw, it tasted so sweet :)
Our lettuce for tea;
I have started to take "Braggs apple cider vinegar" diluted in water twice a day, I have known about it for sometime and recently researched it, there seems to be lots of benefits.
Today was a busy day, Monday's I change bed sheets and give the large bathroom a deep clean, I am still using the no chemical routine and loving the results.
I ordered a book by a lady called Connie Hultquist, " Dear Kitchen Saints" I read it all weekend and have now finished it, such a lovely read and so inspiring, this lady has certainly known hardship in her life but never gave up on her faith she has a wonderful hillbilly humour.
Our granddaughter Eliza came over Saturday afternoon with her mama, I took this photo, I am so humbled that my grandchildren love our home.
This lovely little girl is a beauty, she has a big day soon, she is to be baptised.
Well it will be time for bed soon, last night I lay in bed listening to the chickens across the road :)
God Bless x