Saturday, 8 August 2015

Our Gardens bounty...

I was so pleased the weekend was here, life slows down a little in our home. I knew I had a few jobs I wanted to do the main one was to pull our carrots up and blanch them and freeze. First things first I made my laundry gel this will probably last about two weeks, now that I have been using my homemade gel for a good few weeks  our clothes and our laundry cupboard smell so clean and fresh, everything is so so soft, I urge anyone to change over.
Once I had some order in the kitchen I went out in the garden and pulled up our carrots, the smell of the rich soil that clung onto them made my heart sing :)
Friday early evening I was washing some dishes when I looked out the kitchen window and saw a small yellow dot, I grabbed my camera and headed for the land at the bottom of our garden, look what it was!

My sunflowers I had grown from seed then planted out earlier in spring were now in bloom, how magical nature is.
I noticed how laden our apple trees are, I just stood still amazed, there will be many apple recipes on our household menu this autumn!!!
Lastly look at our beautiful lilies I walk past them on the way to my washing line and the scent is lovely.

I have a request to ask my fellow readers, our eldest daughters (Zoe) father in law had a stroke three weeks ago, he is a dear irish man, his name is Michael our grandchildren call him "granddad mick", he is slowly recovering but still very weak. I know how powerful the power of prayer can be, so I ask please can you pray for him, that the good Lord will bless him with strength and courage, as a family we would be so grateful. God Bless x