Wednesday, 9 September 2015

So much to learn :)

I have spent this week doing my normal chores, baking when I can, I picked some damsons from a tree near our lane. I already had some organic plums that I bought from our market at the weekend so I made a plum bake which Louie absolutely loved!

I also made a damson and plum crumble, which I put in the freezer,
I have been reading about canning fruit and fruit juice (apple), we have two large apple trees on our land one is a cooking apple and the other a eating apple (dessert). Late this afternoon I went down the garden and picked a colander full, I used the photo I took as my blog photo. I washed and juiced the apples then strained them, my word the juice tasted wonderful, this made my heart sing.
I am now going to can the juices in jars from the remaining apples, by using this method the juice will keep all winter. I have wanted to learn about canning for along time, where will it lead??
This weekend I am going to make homemade Rhubarb ice cream, I have not yet decided what I will serve with it.
I can feel autumn is around the corner, my favourite season, I have made arrangements with our chimney sweep to clean the chimney so we can light the wood burner when it gets chilly.x