Sunday, 4 October 2015

My Birthday...

I turned 52 yrs of age this past week, I had a lovely day. Our three girls took me out for a light lunch my two baby grandchildren came, we went to an ice cream parlour that's just opened in town, its all very relaxed and caters for families. I am not huge on ice cream venues but they say the ice cream sold at this parlour is very near to tasting like homemade, since I now make my own ice cream I wanted to compare :)
 Well I much preferred my own ice cream but Milly had a pistachio ice cream and I was impressed by the taste! Below are photos taken in the ice cream parlour...
This is our Eliza, we call her Liza girl, she is an old soul we love her so much!

Me and my baby x
I think I took Zoe off guard :)

I made my first batch of homemade blackberry syrup, I am so pleased with it,
Before I close I just wanted to share a photo of these little pasties I made for Louies pack up, I made short crust pastry and mixed a herby sausage meat filling with a little apple inside, I don't have the weights as I was experimenting, Louie loved them. I love this simple life :)