Saturday, 24 October 2015

Its been a long week...

Its damp and misty outside tonight, I am curled up on the sofa in front of the wood burner with the glow that only lamp lights can give. I am vaporizing chamomile oil, I use a small old enamel saucepan that has seen better days I fill it halfway with water and add about five drops of oil and put it on the lowest gas until its all nearly evaporated, it smells lovely and is so calming.
Every morning after my first cup of tea which I sip in peace and quite at the kitchen table I think of my days daily chores, I think of my grandchildren going to school I then call my middle daughter Jadey, after our early morning chat I choose my oil to vaporize depending on how I am feeling, its normally peppermint oil then I set about washing the breakfast dishes while I wait for my Eldest daughter Zoe to call her mama after she gets back from doing the school run.
This past week has been busy, having two students staying with us has kept me on my toes they are pleasant and and seem to enjoy my cooking, I cook all my meals from scratch.
This morning after breakfast I started home baking, I made apple pie, I used our wind fall apples and also prepared some apples and put them in the freezer.
Louie told me tonight that it was the best apple pie he had ever eaten!!
Changing the subject here I have been meaning to tell you ladies that are going through the menopause about my answer for the hot flushes, this WAS the symptom I was really struggling with, the disturbed sleeping and waking every night then you become tired and your energy levels start to dwindle. This has all completely stopped for me now, I eat 2 or 3 small squares of an evening of dark chocolate it has to be 70 per cent or over of cocoa, I either buy fair trade or organic, the flushes stopped instantly and I now sleep through the night.
I am quietly starting to think of Christmas, not about the present buying or the pressure you can sometimes find yourself under but about Christmas baking, the wonderful smells of spices used at this time of the year, some beautiful original Christmas carols etc etc.
This year will be my first Christmas not suffering anxiety and medication free for fifteen years, my heart sings.:)
Well I have no photos tonight, light your lamps, burn the oil of your choice and eat the chocolate lol x To my darling Zoe I love you, good night sweet dreams. God Bless x