Friday, 20 November 2015

Part 2 The museum

When planning Louie's birthday treat to London I researched what was in the area we were going to, a four minute walk from the market was a museum called "The Clink". Its the site of a prison built in the 1100, the doorway way in which you enter is the original entrance to the prison, its not my thing but I knew Louie would be interested as he loves History. The prison gives great detail in how the prisoner's were treated men, women and children, it was a little to gruesome for me and I could not bring myself to take to many photo's as the models were so life like.
When you enter the music playing is eerie and as you walk through each torture chamber you can hear how the prisoners suffered.
Louie about to enter,
I knew he would find it interesting it must be a man thing!
We later went for a walk by the Thames, the rain was starting to fall heavy so we decided to make our way back to the station. Another photo of St Paul's in the distance.
I had saved up my money from the room I rent out, I paid extra to travel first class on the train so we were guaranteed seat's and comfort. I took this photo of Louie on the train on our way home, our bellies full, a lovely day together. x