Thursday, 10 December 2015

Happy birthday Eliza :)

This is our granddaughter Eliza, she is one year's old today. This darling little girl is so gentle and such a good girl, we love her so much.
This time last year Louie was trying to come to terms with losing his eldest brother to suicide and amongst his pain this lovely little girl was born to our family and made our situation bearable.
I wanted to give her something personnel from me so I decided to crochet her a bunny, I loved making this bunny and would do a bit each night or in my case redo a bit each evening. I did not name her as I think Eliza will in time :)
Her Ga managed a surprise visit in between jobs, she did not like the flash on the camera.

Later Zoe and I took Eliza to the garden centre to see their Christmas decorations, she just loved it!

Such a lovely little girl x