Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Getting prepared...

This Christmas we have opened our home to loved ones and friends, I am normally a very private girl at this time of the year. I am cooking on four different day's, this is my choice and I am looking forward to entertaining in our home, the food will be the best I can afford and cook, I am reading up using my lovely recipe books.
We had our grandson Lou lou man stay over at the weekend, this is a picture of himself eating his pancakes for breakfast sunday morning,
I spent sunday afternoon decorating the hallway,
This evening I made homemade burgers and once cooked I topped it with cranberry sauce, crispy bacon , brie and then grilled it under a hot grill. Louie loved it, he had two!! I struggled to eat half of one we have called it the Christmas burger :)
I am soaking a smoked ham in cold water tonight, I a going to try to make two or three meals from this.
Tomorrow is a busy day, I am going to deep clean the kitchen and put our tree up. I would like to fill a jar of homemade cookies but I will see how my day pans out.
The Homemade Christmas burger for meat lovers!

Have a lovely evening x