Sunday, 20 December 2015

Up bright and early...

Louie has worked all weekend, people are anxious to have their plastering finished before Christmas, it happens every year.
I was up bright and early as I wanted to go to the market in town for my organic veggies for Christmas. Our shops do not open until 10.00 am but the market stallholders start to set up at about 8-8.30 am. I was on the market for 8.30 it was lovely no crowds the church bell's were ringing. Driving there the sun was shining and I was listening to my new Elvis Presley c.d.
I bought parsnips, carrots, sprouts, beetroot, swede, garlic and a piece of ginger for when I juice.
I washed the parsnips and then put them in my green fridge bags they will stay fresh in them for up to two weeks :)
I bought a lot more than what's in the photo ha!
Yesterday my dad bought me a brace of pheasants Louie's favourite game bird he loves pigeon too.

I hung them in the garage but I noticed today that there were a couple of flies round them with the weather so mild, I had better set to it and pluck and dress them.

I decided to freeze one and roast one for dinner,
I buttered the bird and then covered  it in smoked bacon and added parsnips and a dry apple, he loved it with crusty bread.
Wishing you all a lovely evening x