Sunday, 31 January 2016

Keeping busy...

Yesterday I decided to make lamb stew, Louie likes it cooked the day before he eats it. He says it tastes better.

Once I bring it to the boil on the hob I put my stew in the oven all afternoon.
For stock I use these stock cubes when I do not have homemade stock in the freezer,
This is my dumpling recipe that I use, I also add some herbs, this time I added chopped fresh chives.
Dinner is served :)
Looking out of the kitchen window this morning at the drizzle rain and grey sky I decided to make a Lemon drizzle cake, I guessed they would like some comfort food. They know when I make this cake its a treat, there is a lot of sugar in this recipe. I think of our Jade its her favourite :)
Once baked and cooled down I use a bread knife and cut into squares, this fills two cake tins, I hope it lasts for a day or two!
Wishing you all a lovely evening, God Bless x

Friday, 29 January 2016

The nutribullet!

Its been a long day today but I have accomplished what I set out to do :)
First off this is what I had for breakfast,
I gave it a whizz in our new Nutribullet, I know it does not look great but there is coconut water in there and it tasted quite nice.

This is what I bought in town yesterday " The Nutribullet". I have wanted one for a while but with the expense of Christmas I decided to wait until now. Our daughter Zoe is the one who has researched recipes and the positives for having one in the kitchen, it does a lot more than blend.

Once breakfast was cleared away I made up my homemade cleaner and cleaned my oven out, I have not cleaned it since I done all that Christmas cooking. I cleaned it inside and out, look how dirty it was!!!
But look 5 minutes later with no choking chemicals and effortless cleaning,
What a shine!
Once I had finished I prepared my ingredients ready to bake my Ozark apple cake.
Well you lovely ladies from across the pond, you have helped me win my husbands heart!!
This recipe calls for baking the cake/pudding in a cast iron skillet.
I followed my recipe and put my mixture in our skillet then spent the next 40 minutes in between washing up, on my knees looking through my very clean oven door watching my cake cook.
For most of this time I was doubting myself that I had done something wrong, you get this urge to cook the cake for longer than stated but I read the cake carry's on cooking in the skillet once out of the oven.

I served this warm after evening dinner with cream. Louie just loved it and our student closed his eyes while eating the first mouthful :)))
Louie told me he liked it more than apple pie and that's his favourite dessert. Whoop whoop!
 Thank you ladies for your advice, I cannot wait for Sunday morning pancakes!
God Bless you lovely people x

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Cooking with the Skillet...

Tonight I cooked using my skillet for the first time!
Yesterday I bought some lamb cutlacks, I decided to have them for dinner tonight.
I made a garlic and herb marinade, I brushed this on the chops both sides and left them at room temperature  for 20 minutes. I heated up my skillet after seasoning it last night. If I am honest I think I put the chops in probably a touch to early maybe the skillet could have been hotter.
Once seared on both sides I wrapped them in a double layer of foil and kept them warm for the meat to rest. They were so soft :)
For sometime now I have used coconut oil for my cooking mainly roasting and frying, I love it.
This evening I washed my skillet in warm water, dried it with a clean cloth then put it on the gas ring very low to dry it completely then once cooled I wiped the inside with coconut oil again.
Hope I am doing this right!!
Today I went to town with Zoe, Milly and little Liza girl.
Zoe is healing very well. Zoe has asked me if anyone knows how to do the " Victory roll" hairstyle.
Zoe has a wedding to attend in march and wants this hairstyle, is it 1940's?
Tomorrow I hope to write about what I bought in town today.
We are suppose to have strong winds over the next couple of days.
God Bless, stay safe x

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

My cast iron skillet...

I finally found a very good company in England that makes cast iron skillets.
I ordered a 10" pan, it cost £31.00 including postage and packaging.
It arrived at breakfast time this morning, I was just making the beds when I saw the delivery man coming into the garden, I skipped down the stairs :))))
Here it is,

I have wanted a skillet for so long, I am now going to start my collection as I can afford it. I already have a small 6" skillet which my daughter Jade bought me for mothers day.
Tomorrow I am going to throw out my non stick pans, I have been reading up on the dangers of these pans and I want rid of them.
Now where to put them in the kitchen. I would like to hang them but where is the question, our kitchen  has limited wall space.
Now I am going to read up on using cast iron. Love and best wishes x

Monday, 25 January 2016

Its OUT!!!!!!!!!

Zoe had the troublesome wisdom tooth out this evening!!
In fact she had two teeth out, but the one that kept giving her those awful infections and such pain is no more. Thankfully. I never want to see my girl suffer like that again.
It hurt my heart to watch.
This is what was going on in our home while Zoe went to her appointment.
Our Lou lou man loves scones, so once I tidied up after breakfast this morning I set about making him some, I used dried cranberries in my recipe.

Lou lou man told me they tasted good, this little man is such a kind fella, he adores his mama and is such a lovely brother to his sisters.
Our Eva is growing so fast, she is my sunshine.
Look at our Eliza, this little girl is so cute, she is a lovely natured little girl. I always feel she has an old soul about her :)

I took them by surprise with the flash of my camera ha!

I spoke with Zoe tonight, she is not in any pain but still bleeding. She has to take things easy for a couple of days.
I am grateful for so much tonight.
God Bless x

Friday, 22 January 2016

She has a plan!!!

Our Zoe met her dentist today, a lovely lady called "Andra", After a thorough check up she told Zoe that there is no infection, the antibiotics have done there job. Andra will remove the problem tooth on Monday, this is such a relief for our girl.:)

Driving across town to pick up Zoe the rain started and just got heavier through the day. This made me think of lovely sunny day's with the washing on the line, the smell of summertime line dried laundry ahhh!
Talking of laundry I am so pleased with the new batch of laundry powder I made this week using natural olive oil soap.
I do not have a tumble dryer I don't like them. I prefer to put a clothes horse in each bedroom. This morning when I walked past some towels that were drying I got this lovely faint scent, it was such a comforting smell.
Louie is still poorly but working so hard, tonight he had yesterday's apple cake warmed with cream...
At last its time to put my feet up and work on crocheting my scarf.
I am thinking of the snow storm sweeping towards the east coast of America, I will keep you in my prayers. Wishing you all a lovely evening, stay safe and warm. Acts of kindness can make a difference in extreme situations. God Bless x

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Homemade Soup...

Waking up to a chilly morning, I grabbed my camera and took this photo out of the top back window.
This morning my dad came over and kindly put us a new lock on our front door. We need a new front door but its the wrong time of the year for the job, so I will wait until the warmer months.
Louie's cold has come back so I decided to make homemade potato and bacon soup. I also made an apple and cinnamon cake, in the autumn a customer gave Louie to large bags of dessert apples and I spent the morning canning them, I am so pleased I did.
I will show you my work in photo's...
I made our Milly some lunch as she was in need of a bit of TLC :)
My recipe for my cake.
I weigh three eggs in their shells then what ever they measure I weigh out the same in butter, castor sugar and flour. I beat the butter and sugar together then add 1 egg at a time. I sieve my self raising flour with a teaspoon of cinnamon and fold in with a large stainless steel spoon, never whisk the flour always fold. I then add a small can of apples drained, fold again . Then put in your cake tin, level, sprinkle some sugar on top. Bake on gas mark 5 for 40 minutes.
If our Zoe comes to mind please keep her in prayer, she has her dentist appointment tomorrow.
Thank you
God Bless x

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A day of cleaning...

My first job of the day was to do some paper work for Louie, he has been very patient with me and I have kind of let it mount up. I had a quick cup of tea and set about my task ahead. I finally finished late morning, now to deep clean the family bathroom. We have a student arriving Saturday from Italy to rent our room for two months. I always get a little loopy days before.
I knew I was low on Dr.Bonners liquid soap which I use to make a bathroom cleaner. So I remembered a homemade recipe I read at Christmas using dish soap/washing up liquid.
I use Ecover soap (environmental friendly). I poured a little in my spray bottle added a teaspoon of bi-carb and about 10 drops of tea tree oil and then filled it up with cool boiled water.
Oh was I amazed! I sailed through my cleaning, the results were brilliant. For bathroom tiles I always use another spray bottle same size and fill it 3/4 with white vinegar and then top it up with water adding tea tree oil, spray the tiles and give them a good wipe down then buff up with a dry terri cloth.
I then went to put floor rugs in the washing machine to find out I had run out of laundry powder.
So I  quickly made a large jar full, I am using pure olive oil soap. I grated 5 oz's put this into my mega mix and added 1 cup of bi-carb, 1 cup of washing soda crystals and 1 cup of Ecover whitener powder, give it a good blitz DONE! I do NOT add essential oil at this point as it makes the powder harden, I use it in the final rinse with white vinegar.
I use a hot water cycle for this soap.
We had haggis for tea but I was to busy to take a picture.
Wishing you all a lovely evening, I hope I have not waffled to much ;)
God Bless x

Monday, 18 January 2016

A chilly Monday...

I am so thankful that our Zoe is feeling much better, her antibiotics are working and I have made her a dentist appointment for Friday.

This weekend we went to our friends 60th birthday party, her husband hired the whole restaurant on Sunday afternoon it was lovely. This is Kate blowing out her candles :)
In one corner of the restaurant was shelves of books so I had to take a closer look. Before I knew it I was settling down starting to read the first pages  of a very interesting book. Thinking I was invisible I quickly remembered my manners and asked the landlord if I could borrow it.
I am also crocheting myself a scarf, I chose this lovely coloured wool called " Grass" its only double knit wool but it will be warm.
I can hear Louie helping his self to the apple pie I made this morning, its actually apple and pear pie. Its warm and cosy in our kitchen tonight, I think its suppose to be -4 tonight.
Stay warm, best wishes x


Saturday, 16 January 2016

Time flies...

Time flies, I have made a few changes to my blog page I have wanted to do  for some time, I want to try to write my blog more often.
We have been so busy in the last couple of weeks, its so early into the new year and as a family we have already had testing times to deal with. My daughter Zoe has a wisdom tooth infection which has kept her in pain all week, last night it was a trip to A&E as the pain was unbearable.
Tonight her medication is working and although her mouth is still sore she is the most comfortable she has been all week.
Last sunday I went for a walk down the lane I took the camera with me.

Earlier this week I just felt a little overwhelmed, nothing serious but just off my path.
By accident I came across this poem and it instantly eased my mind. I realised that I had read this before and remembered our Zoe had wrote it down and given me it years ago :)
So for anybody this evening who are just feeling out of salts I am writing this for you.

                                          ' If you stand very still in the heart of a wood,
                                            You may hear many wonderful things,
                                            The snap of a twig, the wind in the trees,
                                            And the whirl of invisible wings.
                                            If you stand very still and stick to your faith
                                            And wait for a voice from within,
                                            You'll be led down the highways and byways of
                                            From this mad world of chaos and din'.

I am wishing you all a lovely evening, please can I ask for prayers for my lovely daughter Zoe that her infection heals and she feels no more pain. Thank you x