Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A day of cleaning...

My first job of the day was to do some paper work for Louie, he has been very patient with me and I have kind of let it mount up. I had a quick cup of tea and set about my task ahead. I finally finished late morning, now to deep clean the family bathroom. We have a student arriving Saturday from Italy to rent our room for two months. I always get a little loopy days before.
I knew I was low on Dr.Bonners liquid soap which I use to make a bathroom cleaner. So I remembered a homemade recipe I read at Christmas using dish soap/washing up liquid.
I use Ecover soap (environmental friendly). I poured a little in my spray bottle added a teaspoon of bi-carb and about 10 drops of tea tree oil and then filled it up with cool boiled water.
Oh was I amazed! I sailed through my cleaning, the results were brilliant. For bathroom tiles I always use another spray bottle same size and fill it 3/4 with white vinegar and then top it up with water adding tea tree oil, spray the tiles and give them a good wipe down then buff up with a dry terri cloth.
I then went to put floor rugs in the washing machine to find out I had run out of laundry powder.
So I  quickly made a large jar full, I am using pure olive oil soap. I grated 5 oz's put this into my mega mix and added 1 cup of bi-carb, 1 cup of washing soda crystals and 1 cup of Ecover whitener powder, give it a good blitz DONE! I do NOT add essential oil at this point as it makes the powder harden, I use it in the final rinse with white vinegar.
I use a hot water cycle for this soap.
We had haggis for tea but I was to busy to take a picture.
Wishing you all a lovely evening, I hope I have not waffled to much ;)
God Bless x

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