Thursday, 28 January 2016

Cooking with the Skillet...

Tonight I cooked using my skillet for the first time!
Yesterday I bought some lamb cutlacks, I decided to have them for dinner tonight.
I made a garlic and herb marinade, I brushed this on the chops both sides and left them at room temperature  for 20 minutes. I heated up my skillet after seasoning it last night. If I am honest I think I put the chops in probably a touch to early maybe the skillet could have been hotter.
Once seared on both sides I wrapped them in a double layer of foil and kept them warm for the meat to rest. They were so soft :)
For sometime now I have used coconut oil for my cooking mainly roasting and frying, I love it.
This evening I washed my skillet in warm water, dried it with a clean cloth then put it on the gas ring very low to dry it completely then once cooled I wiped the inside with coconut oil again.
Hope I am doing this right!!
Today I went to town with Zoe, Milly and little Liza girl.
Zoe is healing very well. Zoe has asked me if anyone knows how to do the " Victory roll" hairstyle.
Zoe has a wedding to attend in march and wants this hairstyle, is it 1940's?
Tomorrow I hope to write about what I bought in town today.
We are suppose to have strong winds over the next couple of days.
God Bless, stay safe x


  1. About the victory roll hairstyle. If you go to google victory roll hairstyle it comes up with written directions, pics of it and you tube videos of how to do it. And you're right, it is a 1940's hairstyle.

    Good to hear that your cooking with the cast iron pan is "panning" out. It's hard to resist those puns.

    1. Thank you Vic for your advice, I told my daughter and she will do this :)

  2. Think I'll check out the victory roll hairstyle too. I love those old styles. It's hard to beat a cast iron pan for cooking.