Monday, 25 January 2016

Its OUT!!!!!!!!!

Zoe had the troublesome wisdom tooth out this evening!!
In fact she had two teeth out, but the one that kept giving her those awful infections and such pain is no more. Thankfully. I never want to see my girl suffer like that again.
It hurt my heart to watch.
This is what was going on in our home while Zoe went to her appointment.
Our Lou lou man loves scones, so once I tidied up after breakfast this morning I set about making him some, I used dried cranberries in my recipe.

Lou lou man told me they tasted good, this little man is such a kind fella, he adores his mama and is such a lovely brother to his sisters.
Our Eva is growing so fast, she is my sunshine.
Look at our Eliza, this little girl is so cute, she is a lovely natured little girl. I always feel she has an old soul about her :)

I took them by surprise with the flash of my camera ha!

I spoke with Zoe tonight, she is not in any pain but still bleeding. She has to take things easy for a couple of days.
I am grateful for so much tonight.
God Bless x


  1. I am so happy for Zoe...and for you too. It does break your heart to see your child hurting. She will feel so much better once the gum heals. Your grandchildren are so cute!

  2. Yay!!! I'm glad that dreadful thing is out!! Those scones look delish!!!