Saturday, 2 January 2016

New year's eve...

I just wanted to share a couple of pictures of news years eve, it was a quite one.
My intention was to be tucked up in bed early, but as I sat crocheting in the lamplight by the wood burner time just passed me by. As new  year edged its way near Louie put new life into the fire and we sat on the sofa together arms around each other both in deep thought for a few precious moments, we heard fireworks go off in the village and toasted the new year in with a small glass of port each.
We both said " I love you " to one another, toasted our children and grandchildren.
2015 was a very kind year to me and I am truly grateful for the wonderful happenings and the love and kindness of folk.
The pictures are a little blurry, this is a photo of the moon at midnight, I went into the garden and took this then I took this photo of our home on new years eve.

God Bless x

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