Friday, 29 January 2016

The nutribullet!

Its been a long day today but I have accomplished what I set out to do :)
First off this is what I had for breakfast,
I gave it a whizz in our new Nutribullet, I know it does not look great but there is coconut water in there and it tasted quite nice.

This is what I bought in town yesterday " The Nutribullet". I have wanted one for a while but with the expense of Christmas I decided to wait until now. Our daughter Zoe is the one who has researched recipes and the positives for having one in the kitchen, it does a lot more than blend.

Once breakfast was cleared away I made up my homemade cleaner and cleaned my oven out, I have not cleaned it since I done all that Christmas cooking. I cleaned it inside and out, look how dirty it was!!!
But look 5 minutes later with no choking chemicals and effortless cleaning,
What a shine!
Once I had finished I prepared my ingredients ready to bake my Ozark apple cake.
Well you lovely ladies from across the pond, you have helped me win my husbands heart!!
This recipe calls for baking the cake/pudding in a cast iron skillet.
I followed my recipe and put my mixture in our skillet then spent the next 40 minutes in between washing up, on my knees looking through my very clean oven door watching my cake cook.
For most of this time I was doubting myself that I had done something wrong, you get this urge to cook the cake for longer than stated but I read the cake carry's on cooking in the skillet once out of the oven.

I served this warm after evening dinner with cream. Louie just loved it and our student closed his eyes while eating the first mouthful :)))
Louie told me he liked it more than apple pie and that's his favourite dessert. Whoop whoop!
 Thank you ladies for your advice, I cannot wait for Sunday morning pancakes!
God Bless you lovely people x

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