Thursday, 25 February 2016

Morning Walk...

I woke early this morning so I could get breakfast cleared and then go for an early morning walk.
I am still feeling a little breathless in the mornings but I just wanted to get some fresh air into my lungs.
I wrapped up warm and once outside the sun was just starting to come through.
The farmer has cut back the hedge grows and cleared the ditches, the water is so clear even though it looks muddy in the photo.

The hawthorn blossom is coming out,
Spring is nearly here :))
Tonight I made Louie his favourite lamb stew for tea. My routine is still not back to normal on the baking front. I hope to make sticky toffee pudding at the weekend. :) x

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Our Pauly's Birthday...

Today is our son in laws birthday.
Our Pauly does not like a lot of fuss he is a very private kind of person. Zoe asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said " maybe go out for lunch, with your Mother" :))) I was so touched.
We went to a restaurant in town, just the three of us and our little Eliza girl, she was so good.
Look at her flirting with her Dada!

Our lunch was so relaxed and the food was good!

This is the birthday photo :)
Thanking them both for a lovely day, Zoe is our daughter and it goes without saying we adore her. Pauly is a lovely son in law to me and we love him very much. x
The last couple of nights have been cold, this is our fire tonight keeping us toasty warm.
Just a couple of photos over the last weekend, I managed to line dry some sheets the first of the year. Also my new bird feeder Louie bought me for Valentines day, its what I asked for!! :))))
Tonight I am thankful for the love of my beautiful family. God Bless x

Monday, 22 February 2016

On the mend...

At last I am starting to feel a lot better :)
Thank you for your kind comments and emails Today I read some of my fellow bloggers posts, on Katy's (thecountryblossom) blog she has written 30 facts about herself. It was just a little bit of fun and made me smile, so, I thought I would give it ago. It feels like such a long while since I wrote anything, I know its not as long as it feels.
In my facts I will not include the love of my family, my faith or politics its just facts that come off the top of my head!! :)))

1) I love water! Streams, sea pools on the beach, the sea, bathing even washing up!
2) I do not like walking bare foot at all.
3) My favourite colour is green.
4) My favourite creatures are the Robin, Fox and the Whale.
4) When I was 8 years old I lived in rural Spain with my nan for 4 months, I use to help on the farm opposite where we lived, milking the cows and mucking out the cow shed. Happiest days of my childhood, when I smell well rotted manure now I love it all those memories come rushing back.
5) I love my children's names.
6)My favourite herb is Coriander.
7) I love sea food.
8) I do not like offensive smells mainly cheap washing powder and chip fat.
9) I love doing the laundry and ironing.
10) I love a freshly made bed with line dried sheets.
11) I love Apple blossom.
12) I love digging up my home grown potatoes.
13) I love watching Swallow's on a summers evening flying low to catch the insects in the air.
14) I do not like gluttony or Vanity.
15) I love the Sweet Pea flower.
16) I love an open fire.
17) I always replace fused light bulbs as soon as I spot one not working, I have a small box of them under the sink.:)
18) I do not like an injustice, it can upset me for days.
19) I do not like my temper.
20) I love Books, love love them. My Amish books, cookery, gardening and my home economic books.
21) I love sewing with my machine when I get time.
22) I love growing my kitchen garden salads.
23) I do not like dirty finger nails or bright pink nail varnish!!!
24) I love sparkling cutlery.
24) I love listening to music by Paul Weller and Pavarotti.
25) I love sitting in church on my own quietly.
26) I love trees.
27) I believe in Angels.
28) I am not scared of the Dark.
29) I like clean windows.
30) I love fairy lights.
How funny when you read it back to yourself :)))))
Wishing you all a healthy happy evening. God Bless x

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A cold, labrinthitis, sinusitis, face migraine and Bronchitis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My title says it all!
Last Monday I came down with a cold and then its been one thing after another.
Valentines day morning was spent waiting for two hours in an out of hours doctors centre.
I think I dare say I am turning a corner, my eyes have finally stopped streaming and the swelling is going down
I have tonight researched a homemade cough medicine using lemon juice, honey and whiskey. This medicine I shall use in the evening, in the day I shall use just honey and lemon.
I have started using steam baths to clear my nose and chest, I am finding tea tree oil to be the most effective. There are antibiotics three times a day, co-codamol four times a day plus I take three teaspoonful's of Elderberry syrup a day.
I think I now feel strong enough to go for a short walk tomorrow, I need some fresh air in my lungs, I will wrap up and keep warm.
There has been no baking for days, lots of egg dishes for tea as Louie has been the cook :)
I have no photos to share but I will take my camera tomorrow, even if I just walk to the brook and back.
Wishing you all a healthy cosy evening, keep warm :) x

Friday, 12 February 2016

Please can anybody help me?

This dreaded cold has bought on another attack of " LABYRINTHITIS ", dizziness, motion sickness, headaches and nausea.
I spoke with my doctor on the phone and he has prescribed some anti-sickness tablets which are actually a strong Antihistamine  but they make you feel drowsy and dry mouthed.
I would appreciate so much if anyone suffers with this condition and if they have any tried and tested remedies...herbal or homemade if possible but I am open to anything.
Doctors tell me they do not know much about the Virus or why it happens.
Thank you so much, wishing you all a lovely day x

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Last night I could feel the dreaded cold symptoms kicking in. I knew that today would mean watery eyes, sore throat, headache and no energy...great or not!
The very thought of it had me researching cold remedies for juicing. This is what I found six carrots, half of a lemon ( peeled), 1 clove of Garlic and six spinach leaves all of which I thankfully had in the fridge. I made a juice last night and woke this morning feeling no worse.
I made another one this morning and my energy levels stayed up until this afternoon, I even managed to bake a cake :)
I made another juice this evening, I have read about the benefits of eating 1 clove of Garlic a day and have decided to carry on doing this, either in a juice or Nutribullit.
I know it appears that I bake cakes as regular as I can but I have to say none of us have a sweet tooth, we have a moderate sized portion and there are four of us eating each night. Most cakes last a couple of days. I Never use white sugar and am very conscious of our sugar intake, now saying all that here is a picture of my cake. I am showing off my new cake stand really :)

On a more serious note I am asking for a prayer request this evening.
We have a friend in out village called Lawrence he is such a hard working decent man. Three weeks ago he collapsed and was found to have an infection in his body that has affected his brain, he has been in an induced coma for nearly three weeks and is not responding to the medication. Louie only spoke to him two days before he collapsed about work, he is a huge strong man and was getting ready to fly to the Antarctic  to work for three months, this would have been his third time.
Please can you mention him in your prayers?
I am a great believer in the power of prayer as I know some of you ladies are.
Thank you.
Wishing you all a cosy evening :) x

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Babysitting xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This morning I went over to our Jade's to look after my grandson Oscar, Milly came with me.
I woke early to get a few chores done before I leave, I was low on Laundry powder so I made a large jar full. I used a natural soap with Neem oil, it has similar properties as Tea Tree oil.

 We had a lovely couple of hours with our boy, he showed me his toys and we played with his favourites, then he spied Milly's mobile :)

Dexter their dog, he is such a lovely natured pet.

I think I might have a cold coming, when I got home I felt a little slow so I quickly made some homemade burgers.

I cooked them in my skillet, they tasted very good, I served them in a bun with a rocket salad.

Tomorrow I am going to have a day at home and rest a little if I can allow myself, I am not one to stay still for long. Maybe I 'll walk around the garden and feed the birds :)
Its been a lovely day, I am blessed with such a lovely family. God Bless x

Monday, 8 February 2016

This and that...

I am tired tonight so I thought I would write my blog before I grab my book and head up the stairs to my comfy bed.
I had a busy weekend one job following another but look what our Milly gave me, she bought it home from work as they were going to throw it away.
I love coloured glass and blue is my favourite colour, this is what I decided to do with it,

I have decided to use it as my bedside lamp, I just love it!
Saturday I made Louie homemade Mackerel Pate, I used Mary Berry's recipe using mascarpone cheese and lime juice. I normally use Philadelphia cheese and lemon juice, I liked the mascarpone cheese but much prefer the lemon juice. I filled two jam jars.

I did not have time this weekend to bake a cake, so last night when Louie looked into the cake tin it was empty so that was first on my Monday morning list to bake him a cake. I made Apple cake one of his favourites.

Before I go I must show you this lovely vintage glass cake stand that I bought on Saturday from a charity shop.
I just love it, I have been looking for one for such a long time. I can picture a Victorian cake on it with homemade strawberry jam and thick cream.
I plan to grow my own strawberries this year.
Well I will close for the night, my energy levels are a little low at the moment. When I feel like this I know I have to simplify my day's. Wishing you all a peaceful cosy evening. God Bless x

Friday, 5 February 2016

Its nearly the weekend :)

Days are busy for me at the moment. Having a language student renting our room keeps me on my toes. Louie and I decide to live on one wage...his. It suits us, how we want our home run and live our lives.
Renting a room is a little way for me to make a little extra income. We are both good at saving. This time of year is a little early for the students to be renting rooms with the school I use. I try to build up a good reputation with this school and I believe if I do my job well by keeping a clean comfortable home, home baked food and a friendly manner the school will keep coming back to me.
My morning started with cleaning the kitchen and then to tackle the ironing pile, I love ironing! ;)

I iron his work shirts with gratitude.
Louie has asked me all week to make him a cottage pie, so todays the day.

I also make another batch of scones as there is no time to bake cake today. I have started to wash and clean jam jars when we have eaten all the jam. I use them for all sorts of different things, today I use one to beat my egg and milk for the scones.

Look who came to see his Nanny and Ga last night, our grandson Oscar :)

He is adorable, if I am honest Louie and I fight for his affections :)) Louie always wins!!
Last night I made Milly homemade Guacamole using the Nutibullet, she says its the best she has ever tasted. I love avocado, but I was looking at the giant pip inside and wondered if it was possible that I could root this, then maybe grow it in my greenhouse, am I fooling myself?

I am starting to get itchy feet to work out in the garden but it is still far to wet maybe I will plant some spring bulbs.
Wishing you all a lovely evening x

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A day at home :)

Yesterday I had a couple of appointments, one of those being an eye test. Over the last couple of years I have gotten a little lazy regarding my eye sight, instead of keeping up with my yearly optician tests I have been buying those reading glasses off the shelf. This has been ok but over the last couple of months I have been prone to headaches. I had a check up with my doctor and he found nothing to worry about so the next sensible thing to do was have my eyes tested and there laid the problem. I was told my eyesight is very good but I had bought glasses that were to strong for me. I have new glasses on the way :)

The Lemon Drizzle cake lasted until last night so I thought I had better bake again. With having a student here I like to keep everybody's stomachs happy.
Today I chose Upside Down Pear cake,
I have my cup of early morning tea and read through the recipe.
I spied these Pear's yesterday, the farm shop sign said grown locally.
Pear's always make me think of my dad they are his favourite fruit.
With this recipe you caramelise the pear's in butter and sugar then pour whiskey into the pan. The sponge uses dark soft sugar and molasses.
Once I had made my cake it was time to wash the dishes, bowels and pans! I think this puts people off home baking but I use a dish soap and add a couple of drops of my chosen essential oil. This makes doing the dishes a nice experience.
Once I finished the dishes I just had time to clean the floor. Todays cleaning concoction was with two oils, Lemon Eucalyptus (its uplifting) and then Tea Tree for antiseptic.
My cake is finally ready,
I served this for after tea tonight, I mixed some Mascarpone cheese with powdered sugar and vanilla extract. This cake is best served warm.
Louie loved it :)
This recipe was from this lovely book our Jade bought me for Mothers day.

Wishing you all a lovely evening x