Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Babysitting xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This morning I went over to our Jade's to look after my grandson Oscar, Milly came with me.
I woke early to get a few chores done before I leave, I was low on Laundry powder so I made a large jar full. I used a natural soap with Neem oil, it has similar properties as Tea Tree oil.

 We had a lovely couple of hours with our boy, he showed me his toys and we played with his favourites, then he spied Milly's mobile :)

Dexter their dog, he is such a lovely natured pet.

I think I might have a cold coming, when I got home I felt a little slow so I quickly made some homemade burgers.

I cooked them in my skillet, they tasted very good, I served them in a bun with a rocket salad.

Tomorrow I am going to have a day at home and rest a little if I can allow myself, I am not one to stay still for long. Maybe I 'll walk around the garden and feed the birds :)
Its been a lovely day, I am blessed with such a lovely family. God Bless x


  1. You have beautiful hair! Hope you feel better and it doesn't turn into a cold. Those burgers look delicious!

    1. Thank you Henny, this is my daughters lovely hair :) All three of my girls have lovely long hair, I use to love brushing their hair when they were small. x