Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Last night I could feel the dreaded cold symptoms kicking in. I knew that today would mean watery eyes, sore throat, headache and no energy...great or not!
The very thought of it had me researching cold remedies for juicing. This is what I found six carrots, half of a lemon ( peeled), 1 clove of Garlic and six spinach leaves all of which I thankfully had in the fridge. I made a juice last night and woke this morning feeling no worse.
I made another one this morning and my energy levels stayed up until this afternoon, I even managed to bake a cake :)
I made another juice this evening, I have read about the benefits of eating 1 clove of Garlic a day and have decided to carry on doing this, either in a juice or Nutribullit.
I know it appears that I bake cakes as regular as I can but I have to say none of us have a sweet tooth, we have a moderate sized portion and there are four of us eating each night. Most cakes last a couple of days. I Never use white sugar and am very conscious of our sugar intake, now saying all that here is a picture of my cake. I am showing off my new cake stand really :)

On a more serious note I am asking for a prayer request this evening.
We have a friend in out village called Lawrence he is such a hard working decent man. Three weeks ago he collapsed and was found to have an infection in his body that has affected his brain, he has been in an induced coma for nearly three weeks and is not responding to the medication. Louie only spoke to him two days before he collapsed about work, he is a huge strong man and was getting ready to fly to the Antarctic  to work for three months, this would have been his third time.
Please can you mention him in your prayers?
I am a great believer in the power of prayer as I know some of you ladies are.
Thank you.
Wishing you all a cosy evening :) x


  1. Yes, I will pray for Lawrence. You are so kind to ask for prayer for him. I'm sorry you're under the weather. Garlic is a powerhouse food. Avocados and kale too. We eat all three every day. Praying for you, too. xo ~ Nancy

  2. He is in my prayers.

    I love the cake.

    Garlic is good in every thing...maybe not cake.