Monday, 22 February 2016

On the mend...

At last I am starting to feel a lot better :)
Thank you for your kind comments and emails Today I read some of my fellow bloggers posts, on Katy's (thecountryblossom) blog she has written 30 facts about herself. It was just a little bit of fun and made me smile, so, I thought I would give it ago. It feels like such a long while since I wrote anything, I know its not as long as it feels.
In my facts I will not include the love of my family, my faith or politics its just facts that come off the top of my head!! :)))

1) I love water! Streams, sea pools on the beach, the sea, bathing even washing up!
2) I do not like walking bare foot at all.
3) My favourite colour is green.
4) My favourite creatures are the Robin, Fox and the Whale.
4) When I was 8 years old I lived in rural Spain with my nan for 4 months, I use to help on the farm opposite where we lived, milking the cows and mucking out the cow shed. Happiest days of my childhood, when I smell well rotted manure now I love it all those memories come rushing back.
5) I love my children's names.
6)My favourite herb is Coriander.
7) I love sea food.
8) I do not like offensive smells mainly cheap washing powder and chip fat.
9) I love doing the laundry and ironing.
10) I love a freshly made bed with line dried sheets.
11) I love Apple blossom.
12) I love digging up my home grown potatoes.
13) I love watching Swallow's on a summers evening flying low to catch the insects in the air.
14) I do not like gluttony or Vanity.
15) I love the Sweet Pea flower.
16) I love an open fire.
17) I always replace fused light bulbs as soon as I spot one not working, I have a small box of them under the sink.:)
18) I do not like an injustice, it can upset me for days.
19) I do not like my temper.
20) I love Books, love love them. My Amish books, cookery, gardening and my home economic books.
21) I love sewing with my machine when I get time.
22) I love growing my kitchen garden salads.
23) I do not like dirty finger nails or bright pink nail varnish!!!
24) I love sparkling cutlery.
24) I love listening to music by Paul Weller and Pavarotti.
25) I love sitting in church on my own quietly.
26) I love trees.
27) I believe in Angels.
28) I am not scared of the Dark.
29) I like clean windows.
30) I love fairy lights.
How funny when you read it back to yourself :)))))
Wishing you all a healthy happy evening. God Bless x


  1. How interesting is this? smile.. I see we have a lot in common... xo

  2. You do sound much, much better. How nice.

    I love your list.

  3. So glad you are feeling better.

    Now I feel I know you a little better.