Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Blow you beauties blow...

When my Nan saw her Laundry blowing gently on the line she would look out the window and say     " blow you beauties blow", I smile to myself.
I have been able to line dry laundry today and yesterday! The clocks went forward Saturday night and if I am honest I am still slightly struggling with that lost hour, but listening to the birds singing and making their nests makes up for it.
Now this evening I have a little request to my lovely American Ladies out there. My Amish baking book arrived yesterday, I have been waiting three weeks for it and the wait was worth every page of this beautiful book. My book is written by Lovina Eicher and assisted by Kevin Williams, I have a few of their books but this one is the best so far yet I love them all.
Getting back to my request, the recipe measurements are in cups where here in England we tend to weigh our measurements in metric.
Now I ordered these lovely steel cups, Amazon sell them as  an American measuring cup, they arrived this morning so far so good.

You can see on each cup there is a metric measure in Mls, instead of using the cup for measure can I use the metric and weigh my ingredients, will this be accurate?

I would love to live with an Amish family for a week or two just imagine all that you would learn.
Wishing you all a lovely peaceful evening.x
P.S Lovina writes a blog called Lovinas Amish Kitchen.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Good Friday with Lou lou man...

I picked our grandson up from school yesterday and he had a sleepover at Nanny and Ga' s house.
We had so much planned but last night we kept it to playing games, bath and bedtime stories.
This morning we are all ready to get going, Lou lou Man told me he wanted Pancakes for breakfast and he wanted to help make a fresh juice, we decided on carrot and orange.

Breakfast with Ga x

Boots on they start to plan their morning :)
They soon start on taking the shed down and light that bonfire!

Our Lou lou Man works along side his Ga all morning :)

Now it was my job to keep everyone fed and watered, I will not sugar coat this...What a challenge!
This is what I am to make my camp fire on, we had promised Lou lou sausages cooked over a campfire!

It looks bleak but I get to it :)

This one is for his Mama x

Lou lou takes a well earned rest!

Now while all this was going on I had promised Lou lou a homemade cake, he wanted a sponge with jam and cream, plus GREEN ( his dada is Irish) icing on top with one cherry for his Mama x

He tells me his cake is Epic, bless him.
I dedicate this post to my daughter Zoe who with my son in law are doing a remarkable job in raising our Grandson into a fine young man. We are ever grateful that they give us him for these precious day's and night's when I know she struggles to be away from him. Thanking Jesus Christ for all that he has done for us. x


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Just small talk :)

Today I was up bright and early, I had an appointment for an Aromatherapy Massage incorporated with hot stones!
Last February when I knew I was going to stop taking medication for Anxiety I also knew I would be making changes. It all started slowly, what I eat, read, how I clean my home etc  etc, it took months of finding a new balance and I loved finding my new feet :))
Then last June I felt ready to stop taking the medication ( with my Doctors guidance) it was so easy, but by this time I had a lovely daily routine in place.
I knew that I would have to find other ways to de-stress and also be kind to myself, so last year I decided to have an Aromatherapy Massage every 4-6 weeks depending on when I can afford it but I never leave it longer than six weeks.
I stopped using scented soap bars and I only use Dr Bonner's castile liquid soap, its such a treat and leaves me feeling relaxed, refreshed and contented.
Now with Spring upon us my vigour is for my garden, but I must not allow myself to get overwhelmed. 

I  home cook every day and yesterday I cooked Roast Garlic Chicken , I just fancied Yorkshire pudding. I was so impressed with my puddings I took a photo!

I had half the Chicken left over so today I made a Chicken, bacon and leek pie with a creamy white wine sauce, I watched Louie have two helpings, I said nothing but smiled to myself :)

There is enough left over for my son in law tomorrow.
I refuse to write to much on my blog about the wrongs that take place around the world, not because I am ignorant to the suffering of others but because I will not spread the word of Evil. Peace and love starts in the home, I pray for Peace for Mankind this evening. GOD BLESS x

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Fire in the Garden...

I have had such a lovely day :)
Our student returned to Italy yesterday so I now have a little more free time. The sun slowly came out and beckoned me to work in the garden. Louie has been using my greenhouse to store wood for our wood burner and I need it back to start sowing my seeds. True to his word Louie had a big clean up while I cut the grass for the first time this year, using my little hand trowel I turned over the soil in my raised beds, there was plenty of worms I was so thrilled as this means good healthy soil :))
I got lost in my gardening world when Louie told me he was going to burn the wood in a bonfire, he loves a bonfire!!
I also planted some Viola's in my flower box.

My lovely raised beds, I am going to plant my potatoes this week!
I take a look at what Louie's up to!
Then it starts to get bigger, I have to tell him to keep it small because like I say he loves a bonfire.
He starts on the greenhouse
Oh I love him :)
With all the wood burnt he finally starts to dampen down the fire.
Now look at my greenhouse, hopefully this week I can give it a good clean and get started.
We are making a few changes on our land this year, next job is to take the old shed down which I guess means another bonfire!
I have been watching the birds collect there twigs to make their nests.
Spring is here :) x

Saturday, 19 March 2016

My lovely Nan...

My lovely Nan passed away nearly ten years ago. Yesterday she would have been 94 years old!
As I get older and walk my own path in life I think how she use to tell me about her experiences and her coping skills, how she dealt with life's challenges.
My Nan was a wonderful cook, I can remember the lovely smell of her little kitchen when she was cooking dinner, the kitchen windows all steamed up with the condensation from the steam of all those pans boiling away on top of the stove :)
Nan went into domestic service at the age of 14, she was the eldest child of seven. She was her mother's illegitimate child and her step father never let her forget this all her childhood.

Years later I was to be born also illegitimate, my birth mother was to abandon me as a small baby and my lovely Nan ( my fathers mother) was to become my Mother figure and a precious love and bond was formed. The Angels were watching over me when they gave me her for a grandmother.

I was three years old in the above picture, safely in her care.
Nan would have numerous cleaning jobs in the big houses, she would take me with her, I can still see her on her hands and knees scrubbing floors.
Years later when I was to have my babies she was always there with her words of wisdom and a loving hand.
When I was a young mum living in one room with little money she sent me this note in the post with a five pound note, it was the winter of 1981 a cold winter. I have kept it all these years.
Another tender moment when I had given birth to my daughter Jade, like I say she was always there.
The above photo is in the early hours of Christmas morning 1985. Nan and I have got up with my daughter Zoe while the rest of the house is still sleeping :)
This photo was taken on her surprise 75 birthday party, she could not believe all her family had done this for her.
I have been truly blessed to have been loved by her. My lovely  Lovely  Nan. X

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Turning a Corner :)

Monday morning I had Acupuncture for the first time. I have been so desperate to try and find relief for my daily headaches and nausea. This is part of the Labyrinthitis virus.
I had five needles and my treatment also showed a trapped nerve in the bottom of the neck! Well that was Monday and today is Thursday and I have not had to take any anti sickness tablets and minimum pain relief, I am so relieved. I have another treatment next week, I cannot wait :)

Earlier this week this little man and his Mama came for lunch at nannies,

The other day I made Garlic and parsley butter, I put it in the fridge and forgot about it. Last night I was chopping up some mushrooms for Louie's tea  when I remembered the butter, Hey Presto garlic mushrooms, he loved them.

I finally felt well enough this week to get my haircut, now this was long over due. When I arrived home our Milly loved it so much she took a photo. I really do prefer my hair short.

This evening I steamed some potatoes and a chopped Leek, when cooked I mashed them together with butter, seasoning and a little milk. I then buttered a muffin tin and filled the indents with the potato mixture and grated cheese on top.

In the oven for forty minutes,

To be honest I much prefer my potato cakes fried in Coconut oil in my skillet or frying pan.
This post is a bit random, its just a little catch up of my week so far, oh yes I have dropped a dress size I am back to my size 16!!
Wishing you all a lovely evening, God Bless x

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Mothers Day...

Today I cooked dinner for my Mother in law.
Her name is Anita, she has just turned 79 years old and is so proud of the fact that she has no grey hairs!!
 My Mother in Law had eight children ( two now live in Heaven ) in the early years of motherhood she raised her children in the most extreme poverty I have ever known any Mother in my lifetime to experience. No Electric, no running water, she cooked outside most of the time, she knows what its like to look for branches in the snow so she can light the small stove to heat the babies milk. No washing machine, all washing was done outside in all weathers. She had limited cooking utensils, little money, she tells me that she had basic cooking knowledge and not a great deal of choice where food was considered.
She also lived off the beaten track so she had isolation to deal with.
Yet this Woman Never gave up, she cooked and fed her children with what she could, she cleaned and clothed them with all that she had. No matter what life threw at her she never stopped doing the best that she could with all that she had.
In all the years I have known her I have never heard her raise her voice, swear and neither have I ever seen her drunk.
So this Mothers Day I felt humbled to be cooking for her, after dinner Louie made her a lovely fire in the wood burner ( she loves an open fire ) she sat and told us stories of how she survived those hard years and laughed as she told her story. I sat and looked at her and thought my god this woman is a legend and I must never forget her determination to survive and conquer.
Louie and his Mum,

Zoe came over with our Lou Lou man and baby Eliza, while Zoe was chatting with her Nan little Lou Lou man had a game of chess with his Ga :)

Thank you to my lovely girls for my Mothers day present, a new dutch oven. More importantly Thank you for the love you give me I am truly blessed. xxx
To my Zoe who reads her Mama's blog before she goes to sleep at night, sweet dreams my darling, I love you x

Thursday, 3 March 2016

It's our Millys 21st Birthday!

Today  our Milly Rose. our baby turned 21 :)))))))))))))
To be precise 21 years ago today at 2.20 pm our Milly came into the world by caesarean section with classical music playing in the background and the surgeon who delivered her was a man called George Wong.
Once our baby girl was safely delivered, checked over and swaddled she was given to her dad, he took her over to the window and showed her the world. He did this to all three of our girls, he tells me that he told each one of our girls " this is where you live, this is your world ".
Well this morning I had all three girls around the kitchen table celebrating our Milly's  birthday with presents. These three girls absolutely adore one another.

I wont bore you with how I messed up the Birthday breakfast!
After present opening and the Thank you 's Milly had a pair of shoes that she had only worn once and asked her sister's if either one wanted them. Well both sisters said yes, we do play fair in this family and Milly and I could see a bit of fun to be had here.
So we said both sisters had to wear a shoe each, then we would decide whose foot was more about Cinderella!!
We also said that while wearing a shoe each they had to say in no more than ten words why Milly was so special to each one of was hilarious :))))))))))
This is our Zoe trying to convince us why she should have the shoes.
Our Jade gave in and Zoe ended up with the shoes ;)
I know this photo is a little blurry but these two beautiful babies joined in the fun,
Milly did not want a Birthday cake, she wanted Red Velvet Brownies, so I baked her a tray bake.
This afternoon Milly had this done
What can I say she is 21!!!!
On this day I always think of another lovely lady who gave me lovely memories her name is Thelma, she was my friends mum and today is her Memorial.  When I was a first time mum with no money she decorated my bedroom for me and made it look pretty for me. I can still remember the detail on the wallpaper. God Bless her.