Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Blow you beauties blow...

When my Nan saw her Laundry blowing gently on the line she would look out the window and say     " blow you beauties blow", I smile to myself.
I have been able to line dry laundry today and yesterday! The clocks went forward Saturday night and if I am honest I am still slightly struggling with that lost hour, but listening to the birds singing and making their nests makes up for it.
Now this evening I have a little request to my lovely American Ladies out there. My Amish baking book arrived yesterday, I have been waiting three weeks for it and the wait was worth every page of this beautiful book. My book is written by Lovina Eicher and assisted by Kevin Williams, I have a few of their books but this one is the best so far yet I love them all.
Getting back to my request, the recipe measurements are in cups where here in England we tend to weigh our measurements in metric.
Now I ordered these lovely steel cups, Amazon sell them as  an American measuring cup, they arrived this morning so far so good.

You can see on each cup there is a metric measure in Mls, instead of using the cup for measure can I use the metric and weigh my ingredients, will this be accurate?

I would love to live with an Amish family for a week or two just imagine all that you would learn.
Wishing you all a lovely peaceful evening.x
P.S Lovina writes a blog called Lovinas Amish Kitchen.


  1. I love the look of the book, I must go check out the blog. Take care.

  2. I've never seen measuring cups that have both metric and American. Liquid measuring cups yes, but not for flour, sugar etc.

    I often print off Recipes from England with metric measurements and go to a conversion chart on the web and write in the equivalent on the recipe itself. Sometimes it takes a bit of guessing which works for some but for baking when you really need exact measurements the cups like you have should work better.

    Our newspaper used to have a weekly column written originally by Lovina's mother which was taken over by her daughter, Lovina, after her death. It was very interesting with not only recipes but also family life and what was going on around the farm. I didn't realize that a blog by Lovina had materialized so will go and see what it looks like. I'm so glad you mentioned it.

  3. Something I forgot to add. I got interrupted and sent the first off without thinking.

    Here's a link to a conversion chart that I often go to.

    If you scroll down toward the bottom it has conversions for cups, tablespoons, teaspoons etc. as well as equivalents for pan sizes and conversions for oven temperatures.

  4. Both measurements are on the cups so it should be easy to convert. Good luck.

  5. Glad you got some answers as I surely would not know. :) I like the looks of the cook book and will look at her blog. Thanks!