Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Mothers Day...

Today I cooked dinner for my Mother in law.
Her name is Anita, she has just turned 79 years old and is so proud of the fact that she has no grey hairs!!
 My Mother in Law had eight children ( two now live in Heaven ) in the early years of motherhood she raised her children in the most extreme poverty I have ever known any Mother in my lifetime to experience. No Electric, no running water, she cooked outside most of the time, she knows what its like to look for branches in the snow so she can light the small stove to heat the babies milk. No washing machine, all washing was done outside in all weathers. She had limited cooking utensils, little money, she tells me that she had basic cooking knowledge and not a great deal of choice where food was considered.
She also lived off the beaten track so she had isolation to deal with.
Yet this Woman Never gave up, she cooked and fed her children with what she could, she cleaned and clothed them with all that she had. No matter what life threw at her she never stopped doing the best that she could with all that she had.
In all the years I have known her I have never heard her raise her voice, swear and neither have I ever seen her drunk.
So this Mothers Day I felt humbled to be cooking for her, after dinner Louie made her a lovely fire in the wood burner ( she loves an open fire ) she sat and told us stories of how she survived those hard years and laughed as she told her story. I sat and looked at her and thought my god this woman is a legend and I must never forget her determination to survive and conquer.
Louie and his Mum,

Zoe came over with our Lou Lou man and baby Eliza, while Zoe was chatting with her Nan little Lou Lou man had a game of chess with his Ga :)

Thank you to my lovely girls for my Mothers day present, a new dutch oven. More importantly Thank you for the love you give me I am truly blessed. xxx
To my Zoe who reads her Mama's blog before she goes to sleep at night, sweet dreams my darling, I love you x


  1. Your Mother in law should record her hardships, it would make a great book. She certainly sounds like an amazing woman, hope you had a lovely day.

  2. Wow! Your mother-in-law sounds like a real winner! That never give up attitude will make such a difference in a person's life and seems today to be sadly lacking in so many people.

  3. Thank you ladies, but the truth is I have barely skimmed the surface to the real story that she endured. Its her story and only she has the right to tell it. I know without doubt there is a film in the making and it would go all the way to the silver screen :) xx