Saturday, 19 March 2016

My lovely Nan...

My lovely Nan passed away nearly ten years ago. Yesterday she would have been 94 years old!
As I get older and walk my own path in life I think how she use to tell me about her experiences and her coping skills, how she dealt with life's challenges.
My Nan was a wonderful cook, I can remember the lovely smell of her little kitchen when she was cooking dinner, the kitchen windows all steamed up with the condensation from the steam of all those pans boiling away on top of the stove :)
Nan went into domestic service at the age of 14, she was the eldest child of seven. She was her mother's illegitimate child and her step father never let her forget this all her childhood.

Years later I was to be born also illegitimate, my birth mother was to abandon me as a small baby and my lovely Nan ( my fathers mother) was to become my Mother figure and a precious love and bond was formed. The Angels were watching over me when they gave me her for a grandmother.

I was three years old in the above picture, safely in her care.
Nan would have numerous cleaning jobs in the big houses, she would take me with her, I can still see her on her hands and knees scrubbing floors.
Years later when I was to have my babies she was always there with her words of wisdom and a loving hand.
When I was a young mum living in one room with little money she sent me this note in the post with a five pound note, it was the winter of 1981 a cold winter. I have kept it all these years.
Another tender moment when I had given birth to my daughter Jade, like I say she was always there.
The above photo is in the early hours of Christmas morning 1985. Nan and I have got up with my daughter Zoe while the rest of the house is still sleeping :)
This photo was taken on her surprise 75 birthday party, she could not believe all her family had done this for her.
I have been truly blessed to have been loved by her. My lovely  Lovely  Nan. X


  1. What wonderful memories. Your Nan would be very proud.

  2. What a great memorial, you certainly have some amazing moments to treasure. A beautiful post.

  3. We have fond memories of our Aunt Win Jackie, amazing to think she would have been 94. Love never dies x

    1. Thank you Terri, I know how the other half loved her cakes she use to bake him :)))) xx

  4. We have fond memories of our Aunt Win Jackie, amazing to think she would have been 94. Love never dies x