Saturday, 16 April 2016

So she flies...

Lots of happenings have been going on in our family over the last few weeks that have kept us all busy, changes are being made. Good changes but even so you still need time to adapt. My daughter Zoe took our Eva out of school and home schooled her for a while until a place became available in her new school she starts on Monday :)

I have to be careful how I word this as our Milly reads her Mamas blog and I do not want to make her homesick.
Yesterday our Milly moved to Brighton, I guess to seek her fame and fortune as they say.
This darling girl like her sisters are just a pleasure to have around.
I miss her.
Just posting some lovely photo's :)


You can see why I miss her! x


  1. Good luck to your daughter. I am sure the move will be fulfilling even though I'm sure she misses you too.

  2. You have to love them enough to let them go, knowing they love you enough to return. All three of my daughters and their little families live away but I speak to them on a daily basis and see them regularly. I find having a visit arranged in advance helps.