Friday, 1 April 2016

The best pastry EVER!!!!

Last night I spent most of my evening learning the difference on how to measure ingredients for baking, by volume and weight.
I needed to understand how you lovely ladies out there use cups to measure your ingredients, over the last few years I have built up a lovely collection of recipes using this method, mainly U S recipes:)
Now I make no secret that I am totally fascinated by the Amish folk, I first went to Indiana in 1992 and this was the first that I had ever heard of these gentle folk. When I first went to visit an area where they lived I felt an inner peace and just wanted to be still and watch ( from a respectable distance) and learn. I have been learning about them ever since, I feel they have a lot of the answers to certain problems in the world today but I do not sugar coat their lives to be an easy one at times.
So moving on swiftly I am now teaching myself to bake using their recipes, well Lovina Eicher  ( a Amish lady) recipes.
After breakfast this morning I set about making a blueberry and blackberry lattice pie using Lovina's
pastry recipe.

3 U S cups of all-purpose flour is= 375grams of plain flour to us in English money.
1U S cup of lard ( refined vegetable lard) NO animal fats =205grams.
This pastry was the easiest dough to work with, no putting it in the fridge to rest! Although I did chill my bowel first...old habits.
The oven temperature is 425 this is gas No 7 which I thought was very hot but it worked perfectly. I kept an eye on it in the oven and turned it a couple of times as not to scorch, oh my kitchen smelt wonderful :))
Once cooked i took it out of the oven and let it sit on top of my stove to cool down, this being my first attempt i had to try a piece before i served it to the family...I HAVE NEVER TASTED FLAKY PASTRY LIKE IT! It was beautiful.
This pastry is used for sweet and savoury recipes, the pastry left over i rolled up and put it into a freezer bag and then in the freezer i cannot wait for the next pie.

Once my feet came back down to earth i started the big spring clean, this will take a few weeks to complete but it felt good to open windows and start it.
Tomorrow i plan to finish planting our little orchard on our land at the bottom of the garden, i was told last year that if you plant six fruit trees its classed as an orchard, tomorrow after planting i will have nine. I have planted Apples, two type of pear, two type of plums and a quince tree.

Tonight i am going to learn how to lattice a pie properly, as you can see in my picture the pastry strips are not woven!
Wishing you all a cosy evening, God Bless x


  1. Looks like a great recipe, I am sat here wishing I could eat a slice of that pie.

  2. Thanks for the recipe Jackie, your pie looks so delicious i think i will try it myself. I also followed the Amish blog you recommended x

  3. Thanks for the recipe Jackie, your pie looks so delicious i think i will try it myself. I also followed the Amish blog you recommended x

  4. Is it just my computer monitor or is the color of your new font terribly pale? I can just barely read it. The previous color was also quite pale but was at least readable.

    The color that comes up in the comments section is much better, although not real dark at that.

    1. Dear Vic Thank you for letting me know this, I changed my blog design to a spring picture which changes the background to white which makes the writing pale. I will change the colour I write with :)

  5. That is one delicious looking pie!! Why, I've never made a pie that pretty in my life!

  6. The pie looks lovely. I bet it is delicious. The simple life of the Amish is something to be admired for sure.