Monday, 30 May 2016

Beautiful Roses...

I picked these beautiful Roses today from our garden. When we moved into our home ten years ago there was so much work to do in the house and the garden. One day when Louie and I were standing in the garden with plans in our minds he said " Roses, I just want lots of Roses". Well we now have 10 different rose bushes and each year I try to add to this.

Life has been busy, working in the garden and then you have your day to day chores, cleaning, laundry, baking and family visits.
Talking of family last weekend our grandson Louie ( Lou lou Man) had his Holy Communion he is such a lovely boy.
To be loved by your Grandchildren...
Lou lou Man's little sister Liza girl loving her chocolate cake:)
Of course her cousin our Oscar had to have some to...
June is nearly upon us this is the month that people in England have to vote whether to stay in the E.U, I have to admit I am 50/50 on this.
There is so much to think about.
Well my dear friends wishing you all a lovely evening. x


  1. Your roses are beautiful. I don't have much luck with roses except for the Knockout which is disease free. All the roses I've tried here get black spot and the leaves fall off. because of the hot humid weather. You have a lovely family too.

  2. What a beautiful family you have. And LOVELY flowers.

  3. A beautiful family you are certainly blessed. I am struggling with my vote, I just wish they would give us the information we need to make an informed decision instead of the dithering and argument to and fro...