Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The finished stairs!!!

Finally today I finished the staircase!
I had promised to make my son-in-law a home made bread & butter pudding so this was my kitchen at 10.30 am this morning...

With much to do I mixed up my wallpaper paste and started to paste my strips of wallpaper, I did two at a time, our table cloth is washable but I still covered it in layers of cling film.

Just as I get started it starts to rain so I had to rush out in the garden and get the washing in off the line, our dog Wizard was whining for a walk. I felt a little bit frantic and then I thought I must not rush this just calm yourself.
So I start...

By now I am starting to enjoy myself and my confidence grows with each step :)

A close up...

I will let the paper dry for 24 hours and then give it a couple of coats of a water based clear varnish to protect it.
The pudding turned out good to!!!

Best Wishes x

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Part 2 of decorating the stairs...

I have spent the best part of today on my knees! I was truly thankful for my kneeling pad.
Today I gave the stair treads their third coat of paint, now this paint is touch dry in about three hours but you should leave it for 48 hours before you put any furniture on it.

I have to tell you while working on this project the ironing is starting to pile  up, the grass needs cutting etc etc but I am determine to work on what needs doing this summer.

Once I had finished painting I headed for the shops to get some daily groceries as I have not done my big food shop for a while. Once home I had a quick cuppa and got back on my knees to cut a cardboard template of my stair risers after taking measurements.

I have decided to use three different patterns from the same roll of wallpaper.

I have chose a shabby chic style wallpaper, it cost £9.00. This is the pattern formation that I like.

Its a gentle effect as I want to concentrate on dressing our hallway and I do not want it to feel over bearing. So tomorrow is D day when I wallpaper the risers...she says confidently ;)
We will have the walls repainted this summer but our decorator cannot do this until August.
So I thought I would do what I can when I can.

Well ladies wish me luck for tomorrow, have a fun filled evening. xx

Monday, 27 June 2016

Staircase part 1...

Good evening Ladies :)
I am just starting to feel my energy levels are coming back up after our holiday.
Since the moment we arrived home three weeks ago we have been busy, Louie is a little over whelmed with work and slowly slowly he has been coming home later and later. He has worked every weekend for the past three weeks.

There is much work to be done in our home, while we were away I decided that my first job was to give our stairs a fresh coat of paint and make them look pretty.
We do not like carpets, we much prefer painted floor boards and washable rugs here and there to give warmth and comfort.
So I have been painting the stair treads, I thought I would show you in two or three parts. So far they have had two coats of a water based floor paint, tomorrow I will give them there third and final coat. The paint has gone on lovely and I have enjoyed this project so far.
My pictures are not brilliant but you will get an idea, the colour I chose is " Goose White", its a soft grey colour, the photo's do not give it justice.

Now I know this all looks very bare but trust me there is a " piece de resistance" at the end,
We have a student arriving at the weekend to rent our room for a month so I have to finish it!!!
I am already thinking of my next painting project when this one is finished ;)
Well ladies I wish you all a lovely evening and give you part two in the next couple of days. God Bless x

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Fathers day 2016...

Louie and I seem to be struggling with getting back to our routine.
I have thought a couple of times about closing my blog as I struggle to find the time to write.
Then I think its nice for my girls to look back on plus I so enjoy my fellow bloggers posts. I will just have to try harder ;)

Last Sunday was Fathers day, our girls were coming over late morning and I wanted to bake a cake for them and their dad. Do you know I worried about it so much in the night I could not sleep well!!
I was baking at 5.30 am on a Sunday morning, our bedroom is directly over the kitchen so there I was trying to bake a cake in silence !! :)))
Here it is...
On with our photo's. Louie opening one of his presents,

When our girls were little they loved their dad giving them rides in the wheel barrow, now he is doing this with our grandchildren hence why the wheel barrow is in the picture.

Can you see our Eva photo bombing in this photo :)
Well today I have been painting the stairs and hallway floor, I have an idea for the stairs to brighten them up but I will save this for another post.
I am fading fast here so I am going to take myself off to bed soon.
God Bless x

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

One of the most Precious day's of my life ...

For day's I have wanted to write my blog but I just could not find the words for how I am feeling.
I will have to briefly go back two years.
Back then I was struggling with my emotions after going through Breast Cancer, I was taking medication for Anxiety and was overweight, the heaviest I had ever been.
A friend suggested I go to Malta with her for a week, I was not sure as I did not want to leave Louie as I was so fretful, but with his blessing I dared to go.
While there I made friends with a lovely lady called " Ida", she is Maltese. She took me to the island of Gozo to the Church of Miracles, as soon as I entered this amazing Church I was overwhelmed with its beauty. I knelt at the alter and in prayer I told all my fears, I was moved to heart felt tears.
I have never looked back, my life changed, I changed.

Last week Louie and I went to Malta for a week, I introduced him to my lovely friends Ida and Barbara, some days we spent with them other days we just spent time together alone. It was lovely just being together and for a while time stood still.
The day before we leave for home we set off with our friends to catch the ferry to Gozo, there Louie treat us ladies to a beautiful lunch by the sea...
After lunch we drove with the roof down to the Church, I had butterflies my eyes were scanning the hilltops for any signs as this wonderful Church all of a sudden appears on the hilltop!
Then I see her...
As we enter I hear Louie say " wow"
What happened this day in this sacred Church will stay with me for all my day's.
The story to this Church is amazing and there is a special room at the back of the Church which dates back to the 1800 century that has the original doorway to where a peasant Woman Karmni Grima had a calling, its through this door that she would enter and pray daily until she was exhausted after working in the fields.
It was this doorway that Pope John Paul11 was to enter when he came to bless this Church at a private alter. It was at this doorway that my lovely man went down on one knee and proposed to me in front of the Priest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had no idea!
I could not catch my breathe, the priest blessed us and my beautiful ring and then invited us to go into the room and sign in a book at the desk that Pope John Paul11 used when he made his visit!!
I do not know what I have ever done to deserve such an experience.
Louie only asked the Priest for permission to propose on the steps of the Church, what then happened was all down to this wonderful man Father Dominic.
You can see my ring on the hand of Christ in the picture of my blog header, I put it there when I wash the dishes and stare at it...remembering :) The pebbles in the photo of my kitchen windowsill are what I picked up from the beach on this day.
We finished the afternoon looking out to sea at the Azure Window, other wise known as the window of Gozo.

In the next month or so I will have been medication free for 1 whole year and have now lost two stone in weight.
I am humbled, God Bless x