Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Fathers day 2016...

Louie and I seem to be struggling with getting back to our routine.
I have thought a couple of times about closing my blog as I struggle to find the time to write.
Then I think its nice for my girls to look back on plus I so enjoy my fellow bloggers posts. I will just have to try harder ;)

Last Sunday was Fathers day, our girls were coming over late morning and I wanted to bake a cake for them and their dad. Do you know I worried about it so much in the night I could not sleep well!!
I was baking at 5.30 am on a Sunday morning, our bedroom is directly over the kitchen so there I was trying to bake a cake in silence !! :)))
Here it is...
On with our photo's. Louie opening one of his presents,

When our girls were little they loved their dad giving them rides in the wheel barrow, now he is doing this with our grandchildren hence why the wheel barrow is in the picture.

Can you see our Eva photo bombing in this photo :)
Well today I have been painting the stairs and hallway floor, I have an idea for the stairs to brighten them up but I will save this for another post.
I am fading fast here so I am going to take myself off to bed soon.
God Bless x


  1. Looks like your husband had a lovely Father's Day. The picture was a beautiful memory of times spent together.

  2. How wonderful to have those gorgeous Grandchildren all together. Looks like an amazing celebration creating lots of wonderful memories to cherish.