Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Part 2 of decorating the stairs...

I have spent the best part of today on my knees! I was truly thankful for my kneeling pad.
Today I gave the stair treads their third coat of paint, now this paint is touch dry in about three hours but you should leave it for 48 hours before you put any furniture on it.

I have to tell you while working on this project the ironing is starting to pile  up, the grass needs cutting etc etc but I am determine to work on what needs doing this summer.

Once I had finished painting I headed for the shops to get some daily groceries as I have not done my big food shop for a while. Once home I had a quick cuppa and got back on my knees to cut a cardboard template of my stair risers after taking measurements.

I have decided to use three different patterns from the same roll of wallpaper.

I have chose a shabby chic style wallpaper, it cost £9.00. This is the pattern formation that I like.

Its a gentle effect as I want to concentrate on dressing our hallway and I do not want it to feel over bearing. So tomorrow is D day when I wallpaper the risers...she says confidently ;)
We will have the walls repainted this summer but our decorator cannot do this until August.
So I thought I would do what I can when I can.

Well ladies wish me luck for tomorrow, have a fun filled evening. xx


  1. Think your stair treatment is very pretty. You are doing a wonderful job with this project. Continue on. Good luck.

  2. It looks amazing. Do you need to treat the wallpaper?