Monday, 18 January 2016

A chilly Monday...

I am so thankful that our Zoe is feeling much better, her antibiotics are working and I have made her a dentist appointment for Friday.

This weekend we went to our friends 60th birthday party, her husband hired the whole restaurant on Sunday afternoon it was lovely. This is Kate blowing out her candles :)
In one corner of the restaurant was shelves of books so I had to take a closer look. Before I knew it I was settling down starting to read the first pages  of a very interesting book. Thinking I was invisible I quickly remembered my manners and asked the landlord if I could borrow it.
I am also crocheting myself a scarf, I chose this lovely coloured wool called " Grass" its only double knit wool but it will be warm.
I can hear Louie helping his self to the apple pie I made this morning, its actually apple and pear pie. Its warm and cosy in our kitchen tonight, I think its suppose to be -4 tonight.
Stay warm, best wishes x