Friday, 22 January 2016

She has a plan!!!

Our Zoe met her dentist today, a lovely lady called "Andra", After a thorough check up she told Zoe that there is no infection, the antibiotics have done there job. Andra will remove the problem tooth on Monday, this is such a relief for our girl.:)

Driving across town to pick up Zoe the rain started and just got heavier through the day. This made me think of lovely sunny day's with the washing on the line, the smell of summertime line dried laundry ahhh!
Talking of laundry I am so pleased with the new batch of laundry powder I made this week using natural olive oil soap.
I do not have a tumble dryer I don't like them. I prefer to put a clothes horse in each bedroom. This morning when I walked past some towels that were drying I got this lovely faint scent, it was such a comforting smell.
Louie is still poorly but working so hard, tonight he had yesterday's apple cake warmed with cream...
At last its time to put my feet up and work on crocheting my scarf.
I am thinking of the snow storm sweeping towards the east coast of America, I will keep you in my prayers. Wishing you all a lovely evening, stay safe and warm. Acts of kindness can make a difference in extreme situations. God Bless x