Tuesday, 26 January 2016

My cast iron skillet...

I finally found a very good company in England that makes cast iron skillets.
I ordered a 10" pan, it cost £31.00 including postage and packaging.
It arrived at breakfast time this morning, I was just making the beds when I saw the delivery man coming into the garden, I skipped down the stairs :))))
Here it is,

I have wanted a skillet for so long, I am now going to start my collection as I can afford it. I already have a small 6" skillet which my daughter Jade bought me for mothers day.
Tomorrow I am going to throw out my non stick pans, I have been reading up on the dangers of these pans and I want rid of them.
Now where to put them in the kitchen. I would like to hang them but where is the question, our kitchen  has limited wall space.
Now I am going to read up on using cast iron. Love and best wishes x