Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A day at home :)

Yesterday I had a couple of appointments, one of those being an eye test. Over the last couple of years I have gotten a little lazy regarding my eye sight, instead of keeping up with my yearly optician tests I have been buying those reading glasses off the shelf. This has been ok but over the last couple of months I have been prone to headaches. I had a check up with my doctor and he found nothing to worry about so the next sensible thing to do was have my eyes tested and there laid the problem. I was told my eyesight is very good but I had bought glasses that were to strong for me. I have new glasses on the way :)

The Lemon Drizzle cake lasted until last night so I thought I had better bake again. With having a student here I like to keep everybody's stomachs happy.
Today I chose Upside Down Pear cake,
I have my cup of early morning tea and read through the recipe.
I spied these Pear's yesterday, the farm shop sign said grown locally.
Pear's always make me think of my dad they are his favourite fruit.
With this recipe you caramelise the pear's in butter and sugar then pour whiskey into the pan. The sponge uses dark soft sugar and molasses.
Once I had made my cake it was time to wash the dishes, bowels and pans! I think this puts people off home baking but I use a dish soap and add a couple of drops of my chosen essential oil. This makes doing the dishes a nice experience.
Once I finished the dishes I just had time to clean the floor. Todays cleaning concoction was with two oils, Lemon Eucalyptus (its uplifting) and then Tea Tree for antiseptic.
My cake is finally ready,
I served this for after tea tonight, I mixed some Mascarpone cheese with powdered sugar and vanilla extract. This cake is best served warm.
Louie loved it :)
This recipe was from this lovely book our Jade bought me for Mothers day.

Wishing you all a lovely evening x