Friday, 5 February 2016

Its nearly the weekend :)

Days are busy for me at the moment. Having a language student renting our room keeps me on my toes. Louie and I decide to live on one wage...his. It suits us, how we want our home run and live our lives.
Renting a room is a little way for me to make a little extra income. We are both good at saving. This time of year is a little early for the students to be renting rooms with the school I use. I try to build up a good reputation with this school and I believe if I do my job well by keeping a clean comfortable home, home baked food and a friendly manner the school will keep coming back to me.
My morning started with cleaning the kitchen and then to tackle the ironing pile, I love ironing! ;)

I iron his work shirts with gratitude.
Louie has asked me all week to make him a cottage pie, so todays the day.

I also make another batch of scones as there is no time to bake cake today. I have started to wash and clean jam jars when we have eaten all the jam. I use them for all sorts of different things, today I use one to beat my egg and milk for the scones.

Look who came to see his Nanny and Ga last night, our grandson Oscar :)

He is adorable, if I am honest Louie and I fight for his affections :)) Louie always wins!!
Last night I made Milly homemade Guacamole using the Nutibullet, she says its the best she has ever tasted. I love avocado, but I was looking at the giant pip inside and wondered if it was possible that I could root this, then maybe grow it in my greenhouse, am I fooling myself?

I am starting to get itchy feet to work out in the garden but it is still far to wet maybe I will plant some spring bulbs.
Wishing you all a lovely evening x