Monday, 8 February 2016

This and that...

I am tired tonight so I thought I would write my blog before I grab my book and head up the stairs to my comfy bed.
I had a busy weekend one job following another but look what our Milly gave me, she bought it home from work as they were going to throw it away.
I love coloured glass and blue is my favourite colour, this is what I decided to do with it,

I have decided to use it as my bedside lamp, I just love it!
Saturday I made Louie homemade Mackerel Pate, I used Mary Berry's recipe using mascarpone cheese and lime juice. I normally use Philadelphia cheese and lemon juice, I liked the mascarpone cheese but much prefer the lemon juice. I filled two jam jars.

I did not have time this weekend to bake a cake, so last night when Louie looked into the cake tin it was empty so that was first on my Monday morning list to bake him a cake. I made Apple cake one of his favourites.

Before I go I must show you this lovely vintage glass cake stand that I bought on Saturday from a charity shop.
I just love it, I have been looking for one for such a long time. I can picture a Victorian cake on it with homemade strawberry jam and thick cream.
I plan to grow my own strawberries this year.
Well I will close for the night, my energy levels are a little low at the moment. When I feel like this I know I have to simplify my day's. Wishing you all a peaceful cosy evening. God Bless x