Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A cold, labrinthitis, sinusitis, face migraine and Bronchitis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My title says it all!
Last Monday I came down with a cold and then its been one thing after another.
Valentines day morning was spent waiting for two hours in an out of hours doctors centre.
I think I dare say I am turning a corner, my eyes have finally stopped streaming and the swelling is going down
I have tonight researched a homemade cough medicine using lemon juice, honey and whiskey. This medicine I shall use in the evening, in the day I shall use just honey and lemon.
I have started using steam baths to clear my nose and chest, I am finding tea tree oil to be the most effective. There are antibiotics three times a day, co-codamol four times a day plus I take three teaspoonful's of Elderberry syrup a day.
I think I now feel strong enough to go for a short walk tomorrow, I need some fresh air in my lungs, I will wrap up and keep warm.
There has been no baking for days, lots of egg dishes for tea as Louie has been the cook :)
I have no photos to share but I will take my camera tomorrow, even if I just walk to the brook and back.
Wishing you all a healthy cosy evening, keep warm :) x