Thursday, 3 March 2016

It's our Millys 21st Birthday!

Today  our Milly Rose. our baby turned 21 :)))))))))))))
To be precise 21 years ago today at 2.20 pm our Milly came into the world by caesarean section with classical music playing in the background and the surgeon who delivered her was a man called George Wong.
Once our baby girl was safely delivered, checked over and swaddled she was given to her dad, he took her over to the window and showed her the world. He did this to all three of our girls, he tells me that he told each one of our girls " this is where you live, this is your world ".
Well this morning I had all three girls around the kitchen table celebrating our Milly's  birthday with presents. These three girls absolutely adore one another.

I wont bore you with how I messed up the Birthday breakfast!
After present opening and the Thank you 's Milly had a pair of shoes that she had only worn once and asked her sister's if either one wanted them. Well both sisters said yes, we do play fair in this family and Milly and I could see a bit of fun to be had here.
So we said both sisters had to wear a shoe each, then we would decide whose foot was more about Cinderella!!
We also said that while wearing a shoe each they had to say in no more than ten words why Milly was so special to each one of was hilarious :))))))))))
This is our Zoe trying to convince us why she should have the shoes.
Our Jade gave in and Zoe ended up with the shoes ;)
I know this photo is a little blurry but these two beautiful babies joined in the fun,
Milly did not want a Birthday cake, she wanted Red Velvet Brownies, so I baked her a tray bake.
This afternoon Milly had this done
What can I say she is 21!!!!
On this day I always think of another lovely lady who gave me lovely memories her name is Thelma, she was my friends mum and today is her Memorial.  When I was a first time mum with no money she decorated my bedroom for me and made it look pretty for me. I can still remember the detail on the wallpaper. God Bless her.