Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Just small talk :)

Today I was up bright and early, I had an appointment for an Aromatherapy Massage incorporated with hot stones!
Last February when I knew I was going to stop taking medication for Anxiety I also knew I would be making changes. It all started slowly, what I eat, read, how I clean my home etc  etc, it took months of finding a new balance and I loved finding my new feet :))
Then last June I felt ready to stop taking the medication ( with my Doctors guidance) it was so easy, but by this time I had a lovely daily routine in place.
I knew that I would have to find other ways to de-stress and also be kind to myself, so last year I decided to have an Aromatherapy Massage every 4-6 weeks depending on when I can afford it but I never leave it longer than six weeks.
I stopped using scented soap bars and I only use Dr Bonner's castile liquid soap, its such a treat and leaves me feeling relaxed, refreshed and contented.
Now with Spring upon us my vigour is for my garden, but I must not allow myself to get overwhelmed. 

I  home cook every day and yesterday I cooked Roast Garlic Chicken , I just fancied Yorkshire pudding. I was so impressed with my puddings I took a photo!

I had half the Chicken left over so today I made a Chicken, bacon and leek pie with a creamy white wine sauce, I watched Louie have two helpings, I said nothing but smiled to myself :)

There is enough left over for my son in law tomorrow.
I refuse to write to much on my blog about the wrongs that take place around the world, not because I am ignorant to the suffering of others but because I will not spread the word of Evil. Peace and love starts in the home, I pray for Peace for Mankind this evening. GOD BLESS x