Friday, 25 March 2016

Good Friday with Lou lou man...

I picked our grandson up from school yesterday and he had a sleepover at Nanny and Ga' s house.
We had so much planned but last night we kept it to playing games, bath and bedtime stories.
This morning we are all ready to get going, Lou lou Man told me he wanted Pancakes for breakfast and he wanted to help make a fresh juice, we decided on carrot and orange.

Breakfast with Ga x

Boots on they start to plan their morning :)
They soon start on taking the shed down and light that bonfire!

Our Lou lou Man works along side his Ga all morning :)

Now it was my job to keep everyone fed and watered, I will not sugar coat this...What a challenge!
This is what I am to make my camp fire on, we had promised Lou lou sausages cooked over a campfire!

It looks bleak but I get to it :)

This one is for his Mama x

Lou lou takes a well earned rest!

Now while all this was going on I had promised Lou lou a homemade cake, he wanted a sponge with jam and cream, plus GREEN ( his dada is Irish) icing on top with one cherry for his Mama x

He tells me his cake is Epic, bless him.
I dedicate this post to my daughter Zoe who with my son in law are doing a remarkable job in raising our Grandson into a fine young man. We are ever grateful that they give us him for these precious day's and night's when I know she struggles to be away from him. Thanking Jesus Christ for all that he has done for us. x