Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Blow you beauties blow...

When my Nan saw her Laundry blowing gently on the line she would look out the window and say     " blow you beauties blow", I smile to myself.
I have been able to line dry laundry today and yesterday! The clocks went forward Saturday night and if I am honest I am still slightly struggling with that lost hour, but listening to the birds singing and making their nests makes up for it.
Now this evening I have a little request to my lovely American Ladies out there. My Amish baking book arrived yesterday, I have been waiting three weeks for it and the wait was worth every page of this beautiful book. My book is written by Lovina Eicher and assisted by Kevin Williams, I have a few of their books but this one is the best so far yet I love them all.
Getting back to my request, the recipe measurements are in cups where here in England we tend to weigh our measurements in metric.
Now I ordered these lovely steel cups, Amazon sell them as  an American measuring cup, they arrived this morning so far so good.

You can see on each cup there is a metric measure in Mls, instead of using the cup for measure can I use the metric and weigh my ingredients, will this be accurate?

I would love to live with an Amish family for a week or two just imagine all that you would learn.
Wishing you all a lovely peaceful evening.x
P.S Lovina writes a blog called Lovinas Amish Kitchen.