Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Lovina's Pear Cake...

This morning I set about making a Pear Cake from Lovina Eicher book, like the recipe for her pastry this cake is a 10/10!!

I did not have Pecan nuts so I used walnuts instead, then afterwards I was not sure if Louie liked walnuts.
While my cake was baking in the oven I washed my kitchen floor on my hands and knees :)
This is my cake before I decorate it, I am quietly pleased.

Once my cake has cooled I glaze it. 

Louie loved this cake, when he came home from work he had a small slice with a cup of tea, after dinner this evening I slightly warmed a slice and served it with vanilla ice cream as Lovina suggests in her book.

Yesterday my daughter and I took two of my grandchildren to a farm.

Eva loved the piglets :)

Eva is standing on a platform next to a statue of a horse, then they bought a real shire horse in the stable which took her by surprise hence the expression on her face! :)))

We had some lunch in the little café, this is our Oscar's favourite time,

Eva strokes the big shire, just look at her beautiful red hair!

Life is kind, God Bless x