Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The finished stairs!!!

Finally today I finished the staircase!
I had promised to make my son-in-law a home made bread & butter pudding so this was my kitchen at 10.30 am this morning...

With much to do I mixed up my wallpaper paste and started to paste my strips of wallpaper, I did two at a time, our table cloth is washable but I still covered it in layers of cling film.

Just as I get started it starts to rain so I had to rush out in the garden and get the washing in off the line, our dog Wizard was whining for a walk. I felt a little bit frantic and then I thought I must not rush this just calm yourself.
So I start...

By now I am starting to enjoy myself and my confidence grows with each step :)

A close up...

I will let the paper dry for 24 hours and then give it a couple of coats of a water based clear varnish to protect it.
The pudding turned out good to!!!

Best Wishes x