Wednesday, 24 January 2018

A coconut snowball cake...


For the last two and a bit years we have been eating organic food, I guess our food intake is around 80% of what we eat is organic. I do try to home bake most days, so today I baked this lovely coconut cake, I baked with coconut oil like the recipe instructs. I have been cooking with coconut oil for around three years now but this was my first cake. The sponge was light, unlike sponges made with butter, which can make you feeling heavy after you have eaten it.
This icing was meringue based, which you whip in a bowel over simmering water in a pan.
The natives in the home gave me 10/10 so I guess I can stay another night ;) xx



  1. That looks delicious! The cake I baked for Poppy's birthday was coconut, but probably not so healthy.

  2. Looks delicious, I love coconut but Gerard isn't very keen so I rarely use it in my baking.

  3. Parece delicioso. Feliz Páscoa.